"Bob Wilson is a tireless advocate for efficient transportation in our region. He has truly been a valuable member of Arvada's Gold Line Advisory Committee for many years. I respect his expertise and his dedication to transportation issues."
  • Arvada City Council Member Mark McGoff
Copyright 2018 Bob Wilson
"As a past RTD Board member I remember how unprepared I was to be a RTD Board Member.  Bob Wilson is the exact opposite - he is prepared.  If it has to deal with Rail - Bob has been involved with it.  Some examples are: Arvada Gold Line Advisory Committee, ColoRail, Front Range Commuter Rail, and RTD's FasTracks Sustainability Committee.  He has my endorsement as a District L candidate."
  • Bob Briggs, District J Board Member, 1999 to 2003
The Professional Fire Fighters of Arvada, Local 4056, are proudly endorsing Bob Wilson for the RTD Board in 2018 for District L.  Bob has been a strong supporter of our work as First Responders and has demonstrated that he too is a true Public Servant.  Bob has tirelessly worked to familiarize himself with the day to day workings of our transit system and the issues they are currently facing. We believe that Bob is the right individual to help guide RTD forward while ensuring that the needs of the citizens are addressed.  We strongly encourage you to vote for Bob Wilson with the knowledge that the Fire Fighters here in Arvada believe he is the right person for the position. 

January 15, 2018:  Carl Smith, SMART-Transportation Division-Colorado State Legislative Board,  told me he is "99% sure" the transportation section of SMART will endorse me in mid-February.